How to take care of bleached and dyed hair

take care of bleached and dyed hair

Taking care of bleached and dyed hair is essential to maintain its health, color vibrancy, and overall appearance. Here are some tips to help you care for your bleached and dyed hair

Daily care for blonde hair

Everything starts at home with a shampoo: it should always be designed for blonde hair. If you’re a natural blonde, look for products with chamomile and lemon extracts – they will give your hair a bright, shiny finish. To care for bleached hair, use specialized shampoos. After dyeing it is desirable to choose home care without sulfates. It is advantageous to give the means with keratin and vitamins. Read more

How to do different plaits in hair

plaits in hair

So, I know that rocket science is supposedly the most mentally challenging task in the world, but have you ever tried to braid a crown in a fishtail technique? I assure you, rockets will be a minimal challenge after that.

Of course, some of us are more gifted in terms of creating hairstyles, so your girlfriends braid themselves something new every day and go with stylish hairstyles, while you google “how to learn how to braid yourself unusual braids quickly and easily”. Our article has step by step instructions on how to do it: just look at the photo and you will learn how to braid braids correctly. Read more

Quick & Easy: 5 Hairstyles for Long Hair

Jennifer Lopez, Sarah Jessica Parker, Amanda Seyfried, Blake Lively, and Ariana Grande prove how beautiful a long hairstyle is. They show that long hair is not only about a plain straight hairstyle but also about a combination of romantic and sophisticated styles at the same time.

Long hairstyles can also be quick and easy despite all the information we know about how hard it is to take care of a long hair texture. In fact, when you have long hair you can experiment and change your look not only every day but also a couple of times a day. Isn’t it easier to change a hairstyle than to change the outfit to spice up the look immediately?

So, if you have a long haircut, don’t think you’re limited to wearing a ponytail or a braid every day. There are tons of different ways on how you can change the look without spending hours on your hairstyle. Let’s have a look.

5 Morning Hairstyles for a Long Haircut

The following hairstyles are great for those who have 5 minutes before school, college or work in the morning. As they don’t require special styling skills or plenty of time.

Add a little bit of thickness and volume before doing a hairstyle. Curl your hair. It has to be just a messy curly look. Nothing more. Then, use a hairspray and a comb to tease a little bit. A prep part shouldn’t take more than 2-3 minutes only. And now you can start doing an actual hairstyle.

  • Gather all of your hair that is above the temples. Hold it it with a hair elastic. On the last loop pull your hair halfway through to create a bun. Take the ends and place them around the elastic. Pin to hold in place.
  • Grab small top sections in the front on both sides. Twist them away from the face. The twists shouldn’t be too tight. Then, slightly tie them together. Secure the knot with a few bobby pins. Loosen them up for a more effortless and romantic look.
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    5 Secrets How to Grow Your Hair Long

    Who doesn’t want to grow hair long overnight?

    Unfortunately, growing your hair long in one night doesn’t even sound to be a real thing to achieve. Most girls know how hard it is to grow it back after a wrong haircut or hormonal imbalance when you lose a lot of healthy strands. But what if you already have good hair and your health is okay? Can you speed up the process of hair growth?

    There is a certain routine and general recommendations, which can influence the process of hair growth. If sticking to those rules, you’ll see the results faster than usual.

    Secrets on Growing Your Hair Fast

    Hopefully, you’ll enjoy the article and find it useful enough to take the recommendations from it.

  • Let’s start with comp and oils. Do you have a wooden comb? Having a wooden comb helps a lot when it comes to the absorbing of the hair oils. It distributes them and conditions your hair equally while brushing. Additionally, it reduces static electricity. There are so many oils you can use for hair. You’ll definitely find the one you like most. What we recommend to pay attention to are pure argan oil, jojoba oil, macadamia oil, and of course, coconut oil. Before using them, read information on the bottle to know how exactly they should be applied for the maximum effect.
  • Doing a scalp massage on a daily basis influences fast hair growth too. But it is very important to do it regularly to see the real results.
  • Reduce heat. If it’s possible, don’t use a hair dryer. And don’t forget about a conditioner. Some girls skip this step because of the idea it is the unnecessary one. But you can’t use a shampoo alone. A conditioner is a must. It helps to calm down the strands after using a shampoo with a harsh formula.
  • Trim hair at least every two months. If you don’t visit a stylist 12 months in a row only to grow hair long, it has an opposite effect. It is a huge misconception that you don’t have to trim it if you want to grow it back. Trim it regularly. For example, every 30-60 days. This way, you’ll stimulate the growth process even more.
  • Healthy food. Eat more eggs, carrots, walnuts, spinach, salmon, almonds, and avocados for better results too.
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    Long Hair Maintenance Tips

    Do you know a long haircut requires much more efforts from you than a pixie or a bob?

    Of course, every haircut should have a basic routine. But the longer your hair is, the more specific this routine should to be in order to keep it strong and healthy. Taking care of a long haircut is not about washing and brushing it more as many girls consider it to be. If you want to grow it naturally and keep it nice all the time, you have to work out a specific maintenance routine to stick to on a daily basis. What should be included in the routine? It depends. But here’s what you can base it on.

    Simple Steps for Long Hair Maintenance

    You can use the following recommendations, adding them to your current hair care routine or making them a base for a new routine. Or you can always change or add something to the following tips if it suits your own hair type more.

    So, let’s have a look how to take care of along haircut correctly.

  • Brushing. This is the main, but the hardest step for the girls with a long haircut. Detangling may be the hardest part of the whole maintenance routine. Never wash it or go to bed if your hair is not detangled. Prevent any harsh breakage by brushing regularly with a wet hair comb and a wooden brush. Hair is very delicate and gentle. Don’t rush. Brush slowly.
  • Wash your hair properly. This doesn’t mean washing it every day. Don’t make common mistakes like washing it with water, which is too hot or too cold every morning. Firstly, rinse it with warm water. Then, take a drop of shampoo. Apply to the roots. Rinse and use a conditioner or a mask.
  • Let it dry a little bit. Use a brush for wet hair specifically. This helps to avoid knots.
  • Apply your favorite oil. It can be either a mix of oils or specific oil only. Among the best ones are 100% pure argan oil, castor oil, and jojoba oil.
  • If it is possible to leave your hair down air drying, do it. If you don’t have an hour or two of time to let it dry naturally, use a heat protecting spray and a hair dryer. Always use a heat protecting treatment first.
  • Use gentle hair ties. You want to use no damage elastics without metal parts in them to hold your hair without breakage.
  • Additional treatments. Additionally to everything mentioned above, you can use special treatments like Gliss Kur Repair Spray or Regenerating Conditioner Spray for very dry or damaged hair. Look for the treatments your hair needs most right now.
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    Hairstyles for long hair

    There are many beautiful hair designs you can think of. Before you decide to get one you have to understand what type of style you wish to create. Depending on it, you should style hair correspondingly.

    If you have long strands you will be able to get many looks. You can use creativity and change designs often. There are many hairdos that look girly with long strands.


    Much in the choice of hair pattern depends how much time you can sacrifice for styling. If you wish to get a quick everyday hair design you should choose low maintenance hairdos. You will have minimum problems to style it.

    If you are going to visit a special event you have to create a more complex hair design. Such a pattern requires more efforts. You have to use beauty products to style strands.

    For everyday look you can choose hair design that looks neatly. You will love to wear such a pattern to the office. You will feel comfort while working. Here are some nice long strands patterns to choose from:

  • Bob. It is the most beloved design of fashionable ladies. It looks stylish. It is very easy to modify such a hairdo. You can change such a hair design during some minutes. Bob looks greatly with everyday clothing and with evening dresses. That is why women adore it.
  • Pixie. It is the second pattern you can think of. This design looks minimalistic. It is ideal for ladies who value comfort. One of the features of it is different length of strands. On the back they are short. In front of the head they get longer. The more you experiment with length, the more cute design you will get.
  • Curls. It is a never ending classics. You do not have to try hard to get such a pattern. You simply have to curl several strands. If you have bangs curl them. It will help you create an ideal look for the evening.
  • Asymmetric pattern. One of the ┬ámost creative ideas is an asymmetric cut. Ladies like it. It will be perfect to wear with business suits as well as with jeans. You can combine fade cut with such a pattern. It will make an overall look even more stylish.
  • Zig zag strands. It is an old technique. You can create different patterns on strands. It makes hair very stylish. It is an excellent way to diversify every look. You do not have to make such styling too often. It can damage strands.
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    Plaits For Long Hair

    There are interesting ways to make plaits. You can even twist strands. This simple pattern will look elegant. The more creative you are, the better.

    Plaits are fine elements to experiment with. You can get braids of different length. It is possible to make braids along strands or in the top. The more you individualize your hair the better you will look.


    A plait is an excellent element to create fascinating looks. Here are some interesting hair patterns you can try:

  • One plait. It is the most classic design. If you intertwine it on the top of the head you will get a very sporty look. Your style will become very lively. If you place a braid at the back of the head you will get an opposite style. You can wear this plait with elegant business clothing.
  • French variant. French are known for their unique perception of beauty. If you make such a plait, you will be stylish. Such pattern looks very feminine. You can wear it for special celebrations. It is not easy to make such a hairstyle. It is better for you to visit a hairdresser.
  • Official style. Africa is a continent that gave the world many plaits patterns. They look differently than European. They are better for ladies with very thick strands. If you like African patterns, you can make multiple plaits. To simplify the task you can twist strands.
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