take care of bleached and dyed hair

How to take care of bleached and dyed hair

Taking care of bleached and dyed hair is essential to maintain its health, color vibrancy, and overall appearance. Here are some tips to help you care for your bleached and dyed hair

Daily care for blonde hair

Everything starts at home with a shampoo: it should always be designed for blonde hair. If you’re a natural blonde, look for products with chamomile and lemon extracts – they will give your hair a bright, shiny finish. To care for bleached hair, use specialized shampoos. After dyeing it is desirable to choose home care without sulfates. It is advantageous to give the means with keratin and vitamins.

Many people neglect the conditioner for blond hair, and in vain. Moisturizing is what colored curls need most at home. The fight against dryness and porosity of curls is often the number one problem for blondes. So take note: After shampooing, be sure to apply a blonde conditioner. Read the promises on product packages: you need cuticle hydration and keratin bond repair – this will make blonde hair care easier

Lifehack: once a week, apply conditioner a few inches below the roots along the entire length and use it as a mask. Hold for 5-7 minutes and then rinse with cool water – this is the easiest and fastest way to close the cuticle scales and smooth out blonde curls.

If you can’t imagine your image without curls or perfectly straight locks, make thermal protectors a part of your home care must-haves list. Blond hair is at increased risk when styling with a curling iron, styler or even a blow dryer. Choose a blond care spray, cream or oil – brands of all price ranges have them. Apply them each time you heat treat your hair.

Restoring texture and color at home

Experts recommend blondes to follow the rule: once a week arrange a SPA-care at home. Dryness and brittleness can be prevented by finding 15-20 minutes for this procedure. Masks for intensive nourishment and restoration of the hair cuticle are suitable. Let’s remind: it is not necessary to apply care to the roots. Softness, shine, neutralization of the yellow pigment and restoration of natural moisture are the best salon care products for blonde hair. To get close to this result at home, choose home care with amino acids, plant oils and keratin.

The hardest part, perhaps, is maintaining, enhancing or bringing back the pristine blonde color at home. Luckily, today’s beauty brands offer decent blonde care that can postpone a visit to the salon and maintain the right color without yellowing. Tinting products in the form of shampoos, conditioners and masks for blonde care with purple and blue pigments can help maintain the “right” color. Most blonde colored hair care products are best used just once or twice a week. You will need to keep the treatment for 3 to 15 minutes. The lighter the blonde, the less time is needed.

Oils are a real SOS treatment for dyed blonde hair. But blondes will only benefit from oils with a clear texture. Yellow or greenish means will stain the locks. Therefore, it is necessary to use refined oils, which became colorless due to processing. Coconut oil, refined olive oil, or almond oil – choose these to care for your blondes. Use natural oils instead of synthetic ones. Apply it at night once or twice a week.

take care of bleached and dyed hair

Blond hair and the influence of the environment

The propaganda of SPF filters is absolutely justified: heat and UV exposure are very damaging not only to skin, but also to blond hair. Whether your hair is natural blonde or colored it does not matter: you will definitely need a blonde hair care with sun protection. A hat or a panama is still considered the best remedy. But a shampoo, balm or conditioner with UV protection will also do the job. If you’re going on vacation, look for moisture-resistant products that don’t wash out so quickly with seawater (yes, there are already some!).

It is especially urgent during the vacation season to protect the blond after dyeing from the salt in the sea water, as well as chlorine, copper salts and other impurities in the pool, from which the bleached curls can turn green. Professionals recommend applying the oil along the length of bleached hair before bathing. The oil will saturate the hair and moisturize, as well as prevent harmful substances for blondes from reacting with pigments. There is a simpler way. Before using water, simply wet your hair with tap water. This way they will be saturated with moisture and absorb less harmful substances for blondes. If you are planning to go to the sea after dyeing, do not neglect this advice.