How to take care of bleached and dyed hair

take care of bleached and dyed hair

Taking care of bleached and dyed hair is essential to maintain its health, color vibrancy, and overall appearance. Here are some tips to help you care for your bleached and dyed hair

Daily care for blonde hair

Everything starts at home with a shampoo: it should always be designed for blonde hair. If you’re a natural blonde, look for products with chamomile and lemon extracts – they will give your hair a bright, shiny finish. To care for bleached hair, use specialized shampoos. After dyeing it is desirable to choose home care without sulfates. It is advantageous to give the means with keratin and vitamins. Read more

How to do different plaits in hair

plaits in hair

So, I know that rocket science is supposedly the most mentally challenging task in the world, but have you ever tried to braid a crown in a fishtail technique? I assure you, rockets will be a minimal challenge after that.

Of course, some of us are more gifted in terms of creating hairstyles, so your girlfriends braid themselves something new every day and go with stylish hairstyles, while you google “how to learn how to braid yourself unusual braids quickly and easily”. Our article has step by step instructions on how to do it: just look at the photo and you will learn how to braid braids correctly. Read more

5 Secrets How to Grow Your Hair Long

Who doesn’t want to grow hair long overnight?

Unfortunately, growing your hair long in one night doesn’t even sound to be a real thing to achieve. Most girls know how hard it is to grow it back after a wrong haircut or hormonal imbalance when you lose a lot of healthy strands. But what if you already have good hair and your health is okay? Can you speed up the process of hair growth?

There is a certain routine and general recommendations, which can influence the process of hair growth. If sticking to those rules, you’ll see the results faster than usual.

Secrets on Growing Your Hair Fast

Hopefully, you’ll enjoy the article and find it useful enough to take the recommendations from it.

  • Let’s start with comp and oils. Do you have a wooden comb? Having a wooden comb helps a lot when it comes to the absorbing of the hair oils. It distributes them and conditions your hair equally while brushing. Additionally, it reduces static electricity. There are so many oils you can use for hair. You’ll definitely find the one you like most. What we recommend to pay attention to are pure argan oil, jojoba oil, macadamia oil, and of course, coconut oil. Before using them, read information on the bottle to know how exactly they should be applied for the maximum effect.
  • Doing a scalp massage on a daily basis influences fast hair growth too. But it is very important to do it regularly to see the real results.
  • Reduce heat. If it’s possible, don’t use a hair dryer. And don’t forget about a conditioner. Some girls skip this step because of the idea it is the unnecessary one. But you can’t use a shampoo alone. A conditioner is a must. It helps to calm down the strands after using a shampoo with a harsh formula.
  • Trim hair at least every two months. If you don’t visit a stylist 12 months in a row only to grow hair long, it has an opposite effect. It is a huge misconception that you don’t have to trim it if you want to grow it back. Trim it regularly. For example, every 30-60 days. This way, you’ll stimulate the growth process even more.
  • Healthy food. Eat more eggs, carrots, walnuts, spinach, salmon, almonds, and avocados for better results too.
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